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A Sunday brunch: A poached egg on a veggie tower.

Here is an other story with an egg…..I wrote once that an egg will never let you down…and I think it is true….What I enjoy the most on a week end is get up early, put my walking boots and go out to embrace mother nature waking up while the sun rise!….but what I like best is coming back home knowing I can just pile veggies together and top it up with a poached egg and my heart will sank of happiness…a total bliss!

Some of the ingredients can be prepared ahead and store in the fridge until you use them such as the relish of red onions. The quantity below is for 4 persons.

Relish of red onions:

4 red onions thinly sliced

1 tsp of light brown muscovado sugar

1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp of dark soya sauce

salt and pepper

add all the ingredients in a pan, cover and let it cook very slowly until the onions are very soft and absorbed the the balsamic vinegar and soya sauce liquid….

On the day:

a bag of spinach

slices of halloumi

fresh eggs ( one per person)

salade leaves

sliced cooked chestnut mushrooms (optional)


2 tbsp olive oil mixed with 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper

and if you have it use a cooking ring to give a wow factor to your presentation!

Cook your spinach in a pan with

a bit of water, they should be wilted and not over cooked.

Also crack your egg in a bowl ready to be poured in your simmering water when you will do the poached egg

On a plate, place your salad leaves

In the middle place your cooking ring and start to fill it with the spinach cooked (excess water removed) then add a layer of red onions relish, slices of avocado, sliced cooked mushrooms

Remove slowly the cooking ring.

Place a pan of water over the hob and let the water simmer point. In the meantime, cook the halloumi in a pan until well grilled in both sides. Place it on top of the avocado.

Once the water is simmering in your pan, pour your egg in the water and let it cook roughly 3mn…the white should cover the yolk and with a sieve pan remove the egg to check if it springs back on the top…if it is, place it on top of your Halloumi….


Drizzle with some olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing and enjoy with some nice toasted sourdough bread on the side!

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