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Apple Lattice

This recipe is a french inspiration of the well known “Grille aux pommes” which can be found in our “boulangerie”. It is one of those patisseries you buy for Sunday lunch. It also linked, in my memory, to those days when, on your way home, you stop buy to the bakery to treat yourself after a long day at school.

I like it because with just two main ingredients you can have a fantastic desert and does not need a great deal of effort to get a “wouah”factor.


You will need:

2 ready roll puff pastry

Four cooking apples

a good pinch of ground cinnamon

50gr of light muscovado

1 tbsp of calvados  or juice of a lemon

2 tbsp of apricot jam

You will also need a lattice pastry roller (I am afraid it is an essential tool to impress your guest and show how skilled you are!)

  1. The apple puree. You can do it in advance.

Peel and cut in slices your apples and place them in a pan.

Add the lemon juice (or calvados), muscovado and cinnamon. Cover and let it cook until the fruits are very soft and you start to have a puree.

Blend the cooked fruit to get a smooth “compote”. At this stage you can either freeze it to use it whenever you want or keep it in the fridge until you are ready to do your lattice.

  1. The lattice

Turn your oven to 200℃

On a baking tray place one ready roll puff pastry and spread the apple “compote” making sure you leave a border around your puff pastry.

Spread your second puff pastry and put aside a third of it.


Using the lattice pastry roller cut through your puff pastry to create a perfect lattice effect. (tip: ensure your puff pastry is cold while you are cutting through)

Place it on top of your first puff pastry. Seal the edges removing any extra bits.

Place it in the oven for 20/25 mn until it is golden on the top.

  1. The apricot glaze

In a pan place your apricot jam with a tbsp of water and let it cook until it melted.

Once cooked brush the apple lattice with the apricot glaze and let it cool.


Enjoy slightly warm just as it is or with some single cream!

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