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Veggie Medley for windy day!

I find it quite soothing and comforting to go back home and knowing I can just put few veggies together and it will boost my “moral” after a gloomy and windy day. All I wish for is some nice comforting food but at the same time I am not up for the full thing (I mean slow cooking meat for hours) because it is a week day and I am looking forward for some “me” time.


This veggie version is the perfect recipe for those kind of days. It is quick, comforting, and healthy. It can be eaten on its own with a green salad (or not) or with some grilled meat (Lamb chops, sausages) if you really fancy some proteins.

Also you can use all sorts of vegetables. The potatoes is the base…I remember my mum cooking it just with potatoes but you can add any rooted vegetables you like!

For 4 people you need:

500g potatoes (use a variety ideal for sautéing)

1 medium celeriac

250g carrots

a handful of chestnut mushrooms

a can of plum tomatoes

1 bouquet garni (rosemary/thym/oregano/bay leaves)

6 rashers of unsmoked streaky bacon thinly sliced

a good handful of pitted back olives

1 oignon thinly sliced

1 small brocoli head

a can of water

some olive oil

First peel and dice the potatoes, then the carrot and the celeriac.

Slice the mushrooms and only keep the brocoli heads. Discard the stalk.

In a deep pan pour a good lug of olive oil and fry slowly your sliced oignon. When it is soft add the bacon thinly sliced. Cook for an other 2 mn then add all the vegetables except the brocoli. Cook slowly for an other 3mn or until the vegetables are soft.

Add the plum tomatoes with the juice with the black pitted olives drained. Mix altogether.

Fill the can with water up til the top and pour the water in your pan. The vegetables should be slightly covered.

On top place your brocoli heads and the bouquet garni.


Cover and cook slowly until all the vegetable are tender.

A table!

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